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Physic, means to heal the body. We believe kombucha has healing properties that may improve an array of health issues. 

At Physic Kombucha,we carefully craft an effervescent, probiotic tea infused with cold-pressed juices to add unparalleled flavors. Our mission is to create a delicious beverage brimming with probiotics and organic acids that promote a healthy GI tract, crucial for immune support, energy, mood, and much more!

By using cold-pressed juices to enrich the flavor of our kombucha, we never have to add more sugar during the second fermentation. We know that avoiding added sugars can be challenging but with Physic Kombucha, you never have to worry about that.


Physic Kombucha easily fits into your busy life making the healthy lifestyle you strive to attain a little bit easier.

Drink Different. Join the Cult(ure).


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