What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Updated: Mar 24

At Physic Kombucha we use cold-pressed juice to flavor our kombucha. So, what does cold-pressed even mean? Cold-pressing is the process of pushing produce through a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to squeeze every last drop of juice of out fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressing takes a little longer than traditional juicing, but has significantly more benefits.

Traditional juicers use rapidly spinning blades to grind produce to release the juices. The spinning blades give off heat and combine the fruit with air, which quickly begins the oxidation process. Once the process of oxidation begins, the degradation process begins as well. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and phenolic compounds that have antioxidant activity all rapidly break down. Heat also degrades beneficial enzymes and nutrients, such as Vitamin C.

Cold-pressing doesn’t use heat or oxygen, which means these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients remain in the juice and in our kombucha. Cold-pressed juice also adds delicious flavors to our kombucha without any added refined sugars. Pick up a bottle of Physic Kombucha today to enjoy the benefits of cold-pressed juices in our probiotic brew!



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