Sustainability at Physic Kombucha

Updated: Mar 24

Written by our very own, Zach Olson

As a company, we actively work to incorporate local, equitable, and sustainable practices to help offset our inevitable carbon footprints. I’ve been working for Meredith and Danielle for just under a year and I can honestly say that I’ve loved every part of what I do here, late nights in the kitchen and all. It’s been really nice to have the professional freedom I have with them and I feel that my voice is heard when I have an idea and like my input matters, which goes such a long way with me.

One goal that we have worked on as a team is minimizing our waste when possible. Through our cold pressed juices and loads of loose-leaf tea, our food scrap waste can pile up quickly! In late August 2018, I began collecting our organic scraps in a five gallon bucket which I would then take to the Gibbs House Farm at Western Michigan University where I weigh, record, and then feed it into one of our various composting systems.

The benefits of composting your kitchen scraps are vast! By allowing your organic materials to be broken down naturally, you are helping to stave off the use of landfills, enhance local biodiversity by providing dark, nutrient rich soils that decomposers and other native plants thrive in. Composting ultimately gives back to the land, creating strong soils that have better water retention that are less susceptible to soil erosion.

I’ve been collecting data on our waste diversion and it’s been amazing to watch our organic material help grow the very food I am eating as I write this. Since August 22nd, 2018, Physic Kombucha has composted 378.84kg of organic waste. That’s almost half a ton of organic material going into the production of local food! After crunching some numbers together, I came up with an annual projection that reflects the average amount we compost per week. In the results, I found that in one full year Physic Kombucha will have composted 562.848kg - over a half ton of organic material!

This project we’ve endeavored on has our 'booch team feeling inspired to come up with new ways to exceed quality standards by learning and continuously staying open to more efficient and ethical practices. We hope that this inspires YOU to join in on the composting fun and steer clear from using the trash as much as possible!



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